Editors' Picks for Staying Healthy at Home This April

It's no exaggeration to say that fit folks can become a little obsessed with control. Oftentimes we dial in our nutrition to the gram and our workouts to the second. So, with our daily routines turned upside down, many of us are at loose ends. Adaptation is a necessity—here are some of the ways we're creating new routines for our new reality.

Undersun Bands

Recommended by Tyler McGlasson, MK, CISSN, senior specialist, regulatory compliance & science

We're all in this together. Inside. Isolated. Unable to flex our gains for the bros at the gym. Powerless to pump out our biggest reps. But even those who don't have a home gym still have a chance.

Enter Undersun Fitness Bands. I'll be the first to admit that transitioning to band work was not my first choice; however, when the world came to an abrupt halt, they provided the perfect solution. Compact and affordable, these bands put your muscles to the test by providing serious resistance at every angle of motion, not just up and down.

The five-band set is a step up from the thin, cracked bands at your local gym. These are made from high-quality latex and range from light and easy to some of the bulkiest, heaviest bands I've seen. These bad boys are no joke!

Super Body Care Body Wipes

Recommended by Jeff O'Connell, editor-in-chief

With the world in the throes of a frightening pandemic, hygiene has never been more paramount—and that includes gym and workout hygiene. When people work out, they are sweating, vigorously exhaling, coughing, sneezing, and touching handles and other apparatus previously used by others, dramatically increasing the risk of germ swapping.

This isn't a newsflash, but many gyms are closed right now, and all relevant physical distancing guidelines should be adhered to at all times. If you use an apartment gym or share home workout equipment with roommates, though, you may find yourself in a gray area.

Super Body Care body wipes can go a long way toward helping you and others limit exposure to unwanted bacteria. They are not a substitute for everything else you should be doing to prevent transmission—washing your hands, physical distancing, and so forth—but consider these handy wipes to be another tool in your arsenal for maintaining proper gym hygiene.

Two Minute Tan

Recommended by Heather Eastman Grant, senior content editor

On the rare occasion you leave your house, the last thing you want to show off is blinding white legs. Pro Tan's Two Minute Tan is the perfect sunless tanning option while you're stuck indoors all spring.

With buildable levels of color, this easy-to-use product absorbs instantly and produces a noticeable result in, well, about two minutes. A healthier option than a tanning bed and an easy way to avoid tan lines, Two Minute Tan smells beachy and tropical and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized.

Gloves are recommended for application, but you shouldn't need them as long as you wash your hands immediately (everyone's new favorite pastime). You'll still achieve that perfect sun-kissed glow that'll make everyone jealous, without getting caught orange-handed.

Pro JYM Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl

Recommended by Shoshanna Cohen, senior content editor

Now that I'm taking far fewer trips to the store, protein powder has basically become its own food group. I keep a few tubs of different flavors on hand for shakes, smoothies, and baking, but the one that's going the fastest is our new exclusive Pro JYM flavor, Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl.

Small pleasures can go a long way, especially these days. I miss being able to pop out to the coffee shop for a big, chewy cookie when I want to indulge, but this protein, which tastes exactly like a peanut butter cookie, is a pretty close second. It's a treat on its own, but it's also perfect in the banana smoothies I've been living on. And since I'm using it throughout the day to supplement my meals, I appreciate the inclusion of casein and egg in addition to whey, which makes it digest more slowly.

I can't wait to try Pro JYM Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl in these protein chocolate chip cookies! Since I'm socially distancing, I'll have the whole batch for myself.

Kinesis Freestyle 2 Keyboard

Recommended by Nick Collias, executive editor

Split keyboards—that is, keyboards with separate halves for each hand—have recently become a popular alternative to the traditional variety. A friend of mine swore by hers, but when I plugged in the Kinesis Freestyle 2, I was still skeptical—for about 15 minutes. That's how long it took my hands to figure out what the heck was going on and rapidly adapt.

Ever since, I've considered this a game-changer. I spend my workday in a more upright, open-chested position, rather than hunched and internally rotated over an arbitrarily-sized keyboard. As an unexpected benefit, I can stash my mouse between the keyboard halves, which means less reaching for it throughout the day, as well as less time spent in harshly angled wrist positions.

Now, I'm convinced that I type more quickly and accomplish more throughout the day. That feels even more significant now that I'm working from home. Consider me a convert. Try it for yourself and be surprised.